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Great things that makes a difference are never done by one person.
Prof. Emmanuel Eneyo

Prof. Emmanuel Eneyo

Board Member, Treasurer

Dr. Eneyo’s experiences span many areas and organizations. His career has involved teaching, research and consulting for organizations like Shell Petroleum Development Company Nigeria Limited, American Steel Foundries, Roho International, Bechtel Power Corporation, Rockwell International, Sierra International and many others. His over 20 years of industrial and consulting career has seen him work at the top of his profession. He has served as the program director of Industrial Engineering at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville from 1999 to 2005. During this period of his academic leadership, he successfully got the Manufacturing Engineering program through its first accreditation visit and improved the program’s dwindling enrollment. He received his BSISE and MSISE degrees from the University of Southern California and a PhD. from Purdue University, USA.

Dr. Eneyo is very passionate about contributing his quota to the Nigerian state. He is very well traveled and has shown commitment in the discussions and solutions to the many problems that plague Nigeria as a nation. His years of experience has led to many publications and international conferences. Dr. Eneyo’s commitment and devotion to Efiwe is as a result of the impact and deliverables that he senses in the initiative in the long run. His expertise in supply chain management, methods engineering and work measurement, lean production, project management, value engineering, knowledge-based expert systems, computer simulation modeling and analysis, intelligent modeling of data mining applications, and maintenance management systems will be advantageous to this initiative. We are very much excited to have

Jodi Cox

Jodi Cox

Vice Chair, Secretary of the Board

teacher, lover of the arts, humanitarian

Jodi became enchanted with the Earth’s Global Village as a high school exchange student. She is a two-time graduate from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUe); Jodi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages and Literature as well as a Master of Public Administration. She has worked in sales for numerous years, and currently, teaches Spanish (her third language).

Her passion lies in volunteering within the community in order to create intersections between race and culture. In the past, Jodi has tutored at-risk inner city youth in Chicago and she currently serves as secretary for the International Hospitality Program at SIUe. In her free time, Jodi enjoys playing the saxophone, traveling to new places, and meeting great people.

Philip Alabi

Philip Alabi

Founder, Managing Director

A student at heart, Chemist, and Business Enthusiast.

Philip Alabi is a graduate student in Chemistry at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, he’s also an alumnus of Tai Solarin University of Education, Nigeria (The premier University of Education in Nigeria). He will be proceeding for his PhD. in chemistry by August 2017. His life and experiences span many years of public education in the Nigerian Public School system (Primary, secondary and University), over 3years in business/entrepreneurship and 6years as a teacher (in and out of the classroom). Although, Learning in Nigerian public schools wasn’t so much fun at the time, He has come to understand the many problems that the Nigerian student faces in his/her pure attempt to acquire Knowledge. Knowing and seeing these problems has always led him to seek solutions and ways of offering value.

“Efiwe” is an offshoot of a book drive Philip ran at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 2016-2017. That book drive saw the delivery of over 1000 books to the Tai Solarin University of Education. The availability of books to donate, The support of many friends and colleagues, Media and the utter Lack back home has inspired a fresh zeal to attempt to repeat the same kind of book drive but on a larger scale. The idea is simple: Collect book donations in the US (college and University books), seek to fund for shipment and send the books to libraries of Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria.

Ayodeji Oluyemi

Ayodeji Oluyemi

Logistics, Nigeria

A seasoned Business Developer and Strategist.

As easily called ‘Deji. ‘Deji has experience in the area of Business Development/Sales, Supply Chain, Logistics and Quality management. With over five years work experience across the Building Materials, Banking and Book Publishing Industry.

He is currently the convener of FarmHub Agro, an Agrotech and agriculture marketing hub, primarily creating businesses for farmers to sell their farm produce, thereby alleviating poverty and post-harvest losses. FarmHub Agro currently has a partnership with an alcohol manufacturing plant that uses cassava as a major raw material for their final product and has since connected many farmers who are making businesses daily. Agrotech has been growing her partnership both locally and internationally to connect farmers to export and local markets.

‘Deji believes in Efiwe.org project as a laudable project that is very important to tertiary education in Nigeria. For reasons, Philip Alabi is a very trusted partner that I believe in so much from our background back then in the university. The challenge of gaining access to books is a recurrent one in Public tertiary institutions all over the Country.

Kọ́lá Túbọ̀ṣún,

Kọ́lá Túbọ̀ṣún,

Board Member

linguist, writer, teacher, scholar

Kola Tubosun’s work spans the fields of education, technology, literature, journalism, and linguistics. He is a Fulbright Fellow (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 2009) and recipient of the Premio Ostana Special Prize for Mother Tongue Literature 2016. He writes in Yoruba and English and translates between both languages.

He is the founder and curator of YorubaName.com, a language documentation and technological effort in the preservation of Yorùbá and other African languages. Kola’s work has appeared in Aké Review, Brittle Paper, International Literary Quarterly, Enkare Review, Maple Tree Literary Supplement, and recently in Literary Wonderlands, an anthology edited by Laura Miller.

He was named in 2016 as part of the Quartz Africa Innovator’s List.

Kerry Smith,

Kerry Smith,

Executive Chair of the Board

Kerry Smith is a career journalist, an entrepreneur, and a Christ follower.A Milwaukee, Wisconsin native, Smith holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and a master’s degree in public policy from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.Founder and former owner of the Illinois Business Journal, Smith is currently editor of St. Louis Construction News & Review Magazine in St. Louis.She is a member of the City of Edwardsville’s Economic Development Advisory Board.

Smith is a staunch believer in growing productive, long-term relationships between government and the private sector.

She resides in Edwardsville, Illinois.

Olatunji Ogunkomaya,

Olatunji Ogunkomaya,


The Web & mobile application developer/media entrepreneur.

Olatunji is a Web & Mobile App Developer as well as a social media entrepreneur.

Some of his projects include LagChat.com and 234office.com which earned him Nigerian Youth Merit Awards nominations for the category of ideas & innovations and likewise the category of best use of the social media in 2011 & 2012 respectively. Also a winner in the Ignite Ideas Contest by Mrs. Ibukun Awosika & Lagos state government with AGDC, First Bank of Nigeria Plc, Digital Jewels, The Chair Centre Ltd & Generation Enterprise for young promising entrepreneurs 2015 edition. One of his startups was also selected to exhibit and pitch at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal in Europe as well as the Startup Istanbul in Turkey in 2016.

He has in his portfolio several years of work experience and exposure both in the media & tech

James Chika Chrsitopher

James Chika Chrsitopher

Backend Developer

Tech. Ethusiast and Solutionist.

I am James Chika Christopher, a 24 year old graduate of Computer Engineering, with passion for Coding/Programming related tasks and projects and software development at large. My specialties strongly include LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Web Development Stack, Git, and WordPress. I also do a bit of Front-End Development using HTML5/CSS3 and the Bootstrap Framework and Javascript using the JQuery library.

I am one of those students who went through an academic institution that still includes deprecated textbooks as part of their curriculum. As a Nigerian student, who always aspired to be a top-notch software developer, most of the books were both far-fetched and expensive. Nigerian University Libraries suffer from a great dearth of quality and informative books, this was the main reason I got interested in contributing my quota to build the platform. Helping students were also the main reason that drove me to build Camptra – http://camptra.com.ng. A platform dedicated to helping students trade easily and stress-free on campus.

My skills are also rudimentary, I strongly believe there are, and there would be great minds on this platform from whom I can learn from to grow, develop and improve my skills.

Overall, I want to be part of a great team that would be solving a great problem.

Sean Sullivan

Sean Sullivan

Web Developer

Student first, Programmer, and web developer

I am a 23-year-old programmer, in the twilight of my junior year of college. I am still relatively green to being a part of a professional design team, or professional project, but I do have some experience in website design which includes designing a website for Dan’s Treasures from scratch, and now two certifications one from Harvard for CS50x and one from Microsoft in C#.

The reason why I am and want to be a part of Effiwe is for multiple reasons, the first being that it’s a wonderful idea that can help propel many people forward and possibly introduce a new way to handle textbooks in the US. Also, since I am still a beginner in experience, I wanted to be a part of this for the wonderful experience it will be especially since I will have the luxury and luck, of working with a greatly experienced team, who together have the uncountable amount of experience. In the end, I feel this project will help me learn as well give the opportunity to help build a better and a brighter tomorrow, and to be a part of something greater than myself.

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