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                   Our Motive!!

It all started when the founder, Philip Alabi, walked past a box of books sitting precariously in the hallway with no owner or anyone to use its knowledge. He believed this to be a waste. As such Philip took the books and gave them a new purpose, to elevate and illuminate those who did not have such easy access to books like those he could remember back home in Nigeria, and with that Efiwe was born. That is just one story of many. Scroll below to see what our team members say.

Kerry Smith
Executive Chair of The Board
As a founding board member of Efiwe, I’m inspired by the successful 1,000-textbook drive that occurred in early 2017 at Philip Alabi’s home campus here at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. It demonstrated the generosity of instructors, students, support staff and area business people and residents in responding to the great need in Nigeria for up-to-date textbooks and related academic resources. Philip’s passion and commitment to continue fueling this effort is admirable. I’m proud to be associated with Efiwe and to see it grow, prosper and serve post-secondary campuses throughout Nigeria today and well into the future.”
Jodi Cox
Vice Chair, Secetary of the Board
This organization has given me an outlet to help assuage the lack of relevant textbooks in African universities with surplus texts found in the United States. I believe in the mission of Efiwe, a non-corporate, grassroots endeavor created by Nigerians, for Nigerians and greater Africa. Efiwe is creating a new future for donated textbooks which were destined to languish in storage boxes, and the end result will empower African university students. My experience as a part of this board has been deeply inspirational. This organization started with the vision of one person, and has rapidly grown. Efiwe has established the possibilities available when a group of impassioned volunteers combine their efforts and work toward a shared goal. I would recommend Efiwe to people who are in need of textbooks, people who are looking to re-home their textbooks, or volunteers and donors who strive to affect change throughout the world.
Kọ́lá Túbọ̀ṣún
Board Member
The intent and the passion behind this project are inspiring and relevant. Thousands of university students across Nigeria (and around the continent) today are passing through the four or five years of their course of study without adequate texts or access to internet. This is not just unacceptable, it’s a disgrace. And while this goes on, thousands of unused books across America are discarded into bins and recycled every year. Harnessing the power of collaboration to make this “waste” in the West benefit African students to whom they are useful and important answer to their lack is a smart and admirable thing. For this, I’m excited to be a part of the project.
Ayodeji Oluyemi
Logistics, Nigeria
Impacting lives and humanitarian service is a good. There is a shortage of books in public African institutions due to the population and inadequate funding from government. So, when Philip Alabi shared this idea with me at the inception, there was no doubting it because I know institutions and students will find this idea a great opportunity to get access to resources. Thanks to God and people who equally believe in working and supporting Efiwe to fly above the idea stage.
Sean Sullivan
Front End Developer
The reason why I am, and want to be a part of Efiwe, is for multiple reasons. The first being that it’s a wonderful idea that can help propel many people forward and possibly introduce a new way to handle old text books instead of scrapping them. The other main reason is I hope others will see what Efiwe is doing and be inspired to do something so good as well and make a change.
Kazeem Olanipekun
I see the need to be part of this great organization ‘Efiwe’ due to its drive to improve, educate and expose African minds to the necessary information/resources needed for the required development lacking.
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