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More books from SIUE school of Dental Medicine

Many thanks to Dr. Land, A Prof. at the School of Dental Medicine SIUE (Edwardsville, IL, US), we were able to collect 46 contemporary and Classic books. This new addition brings the overall total for our second book drive to 553 books and 387 Journals at this date. In Prof. Lands words:

The books donated are not many but they come from a big heart.


We are very appreciative of the team and volunteers working to make this happen. Our special thanks goes to the professors, students and individuals that have continued to donate and give books to this cause. This whole drive will be non-existent without you.

Feel free to let us know if you have books to give. info@efiwe.org, +16182160266(whatsapp)


Philip Alabi

reporting from Edwardsville. IL, USA. 

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