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Efiwe partners Africans in Boston.

Africans in Boston

We are very excited about a new partnership with Africans in Boston(a non-profit organization). This partnership has been in talks for over three weeks and was finally sealed over the weekend. This will involve Efiwe and Africans in Boston leveraging their different strengths and Network to continue to advance the lives of Africans backhome and abroad.

Africans in Boston Inc. is an organization that fosters the socio-economic and educational development of its members by offering a platform that connects the African Diaspora in the greater Boston area and in the state of Massachusetts. Founded in 2010, the organization provides various resources by enriching community members lives through: programs, services, and events that educate, entertain, foster business relationships and good citizenship.

Efiwe will be leveraging the strengths of Africans in Boston to reach out to Student organizations in the Boston Area. This will help initiate the startup of different student organizations in the Boston area. It is a partnership that will give Efiwe more depth in the area and help reach a common goal for both Efiwe and Africans in Boston through the Synergy.

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